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Avoid These Mistakes to Ensure Top-dollar for Your Next Home Sale!

Some of the most common mistakes that sellers make when selling their homes are:

1. Overpricing a property. Most sellers think that when they price their home high, it leaves room for negotiation. However, you receive the highest amount of views from buyers within the first 30 days of the home’s listing. A fresh, new home on the market always attracts buyer activity! When a home is overpriced, buyers will look at your home but ultimately pass in favor of a more reasonably priced home. Don’t price yourself out of the initial jolt of buyer activity – you will only end up chasing the buyers with price reductions. If you’re interested in the most money possible for your home and possibly even generating a bidding war, you want to price your home accurately.

2. Staging a home improperly. Make sure your home shines – avoid having buyers walk into a dark, cold and cluttered home. You can do this by turning on your lights and ensuring the house is warm to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

3. Holding off for a better offer. Typically, a seller will receive offers within the first 30 days of the home being on the market. However, it may not be exactly what they’re looking for. I always recommend countering those offers to get as much money as you can! Remember, “a bird in hand is always worth two in the bush!” Take advantage of the best offer you are going to get.

Stay tuned for the remaining three common mistakes made by sellers in my next blog post. Thanks and have a great day!